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This is what your tastes in the cinema say about you

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Can you know the personality of a person about his tastes in cinema? The tastes of a person are characteristic and unique, these define and give you an image of who you are. Although appearances sometimes deceive.

But do you know what they say about you? What is the image that people perceive of you? Here we leave you the characteristic features that movies that you like say about a person.

Science fiction


Are you a geek who loves Star Wars and the Lord of the Rings? Science fiction is characteristic of idealistic people, who like to learn new things and, above all, have a great imagination. Without doubt a natural adventurer without a challenge that will resist you.


Do you dream of receiving your letter from Hogwarts? Your main characteristic is your craving for knowledge, especially in science and art. You always predict what is going to happen, but we feel like saying no, it’s not magic, it’s intuition.

Romantic Fantasy

romantic fantasy

Do you love to live adventures but better if you end up with a romantic fairy tale? You are a natural adventurer, but you prefer to live your adventures accompanied by that special person that makes you feel butterflies in the stomach.


Do you take life with joy and love to laugh? Knowing how to laugh at yourself, and your main goal in life is to be happy. You have a great sense of humor and you always know the best jokes.

Romantic comedy


Do you dream that your ideal man climbs the fire escape after arriving in a limo? If you like romantic comedy it is clear that you are a happy person in search of your average. Enjoying life is the most important thing for you but much better if by your side is your ideal person.


Do you like to sit on the sofa with a box of tissues watching a great love story? It is clear that you are a romantic, affectionate and passionate person. You get involved with people around you, whether they are couples, friends or family.



Do you sing Mamma’s song while you’re in the shower? It is clear that you are an artist, an open-minded and extroverted person who is always the soul of the party. In a karaoke you are the king of the microphone and nobody can stop you.


Your best plan is a bowl of popcorn and a scary movie? You are a brave person, you are not afraid to face your fears or the unknown. You are a person full of energy, but you do not always get your friends to accompany you to the movies to see your favorite movie.


john wick

Do you dream of going in a car at full speed or in a police chase? You are a risk lover and pure nerve. You waste energy wherever you go and you never lack friends to party with.


Do you love unresolved mysteries? No doubt you are a curious person with great capacity for deduction. You always get ahead of events and you are ready to respond to any situation.



Do you like fictional stories that are credible? You are certainly a person with your feet on the ground and you know your own limitations. You are a supportive person and always ready to help anyone who needs it.