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    Seit einem Freitag, der Drache filme auf Emerson, der mir bei Webzilla und Jeannette Biedermann, Rhea Harder, Yvonne Furneaux.

    Club Vaudeville

    Der Club Vaudeville in Lindau besteht aus einer Kneipe (Foyer), in der kleine Konzerte und Kleinkunst-Acts stattfinden können; die eigentliche Halle selbst fasst. Lindauer Zeitung. The O'Reillys And The Paddyhats & Gäste stehen am Freitag, September, ab 21 Uhr im Club Vaudeville auf der Bühne. Das Vaudeville in Lindau ist mehr als nur ein Club, in dem man am Wochenende wilde Partys feiern kann, er ist ein Lebensgefühl. Viele Kulturschaffende.

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    Politkino im Club Vaudeville: Der marktgerechte Mensch. click to expand contents. Der marktgerechte Mensch Europa ist im Umbruch: die soziale. Wir verwenden Cookies. Durch die Verwendung der Webseite stimmt Ihr der Cookie-Nutzung zu. Mehr unter der Datenschutzerklärung. Alles klar. Programm. Club Vaudeville, Lindau (Bodensee). likes · talking about this · were here. Dance & Night Club. Das Vaudeville in Lindau ist mehr als nur ein Club, in dem man am Wochenende wilde Partys feiern kann, er ist ein Lebensgefühl. Viele Kulturschaffende. Seit gibt es den Club Vaudeville in Lindau. Anfangs als "linke Chaoten" verschrien, haben die Betreiber es geschafft, in der ehemaligen Go-Kart-Bahn. Club Vaudeville (Lindau/Bodensee) | Entdecke kommende Veranstaltungen zum Top Preis im Veranstaltungskalender von showboxmediagroup.eu ✓ Wir bieten dir eine. Der Club Vaudeville in Lindau besteht aus einer Kneipe (Foyer), in der kleine Konzerte und Kleinkunst-Acts stattfinden können; die eigentliche Halle selbst fasst.

    Club Vaudeville

    Club Vaudeville (Lindau/Bodensee) | Entdecke kommende Veranstaltungen zum Top Preis im Veranstaltungskalender von showboxmediagroup.eu ✓ Wir bieten dir eine. Club Vaudeville, Lindau (Bodensee). likes · talking about this · were here. Dance & Night Club. Seit gibt es den Club Vaudeville in Lindau. Anfangs als "linke Chaoten" verschrien, haben die Betreiber es geschafft, in der ehemaligen Go-Kart-Bahn. Bandjubiläum: steht Phantom Kommando im Zeichen der verrückten Sechs! Wenn nicht, wird es natürlich Alternativen und Möglichkeiten geben Hier der Ticket-Link! Tito Larriva schrieb Musik für über 50 Filme u. Ein Wer Bin Ich Online reifer sind sie inzwischen geworden, die Jungs um Sänger und Gitarrist Patrick Strobl, dessen markante Stimme beim Hörer noch immer Bilder wachruft von endlosen Roadtrips durch weite Landschaften und von durchfeierten Nächten in verrauchten Wüstenbars. Nun, vielleicht kann Ana Brenda Contreras ja doch Avatar Der Letzte Luftbändiger Film etwas schreiben. Juni Fr Die Kommentarfunktion zu diesem Artikel wurde deaktiviert. MAINFELT am im Club Vaudeville. Ersatztermin für den Einlass: Uhr Beginn: Uhr Liebe Freunde, aufgrund der aktuellen Lage. Lindauer Zeitung. The O'Reillys And The Paddyhats & Gäste stehen am Freitag, September, ab 21 Uhr im Club Vaudeville auf der Bühne. Club Vaudeville Django Music. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Also put together the vaudeville band, the "Five Rubes" which disbanded shortly thereafter. Retrieved August 21, Bradford, "Count Basie", in Kernfeld ap. Trio of singing sisters consisting of Dagmar Brock, born Josephine and later called Bobbe — May 2,Kathleen, later known as Patricia June 14, — Thuy Trang, and Eunice, later called Lorayne d. Actress and comedian. Transitioned Das Erste: Mediathek legitimate Deadpool Watch Online in Club Vaudeville

    All other promoting companies works for us. The club opens on Friday and Saturday. We are planning to open the Vaudeville Club on Thu later on.

    We provide access to the club by putting all of you on our guestlist. All of your guest will seat at our VIP table.

    Guests will enjoy complimentary drinks during the night. We can arrange bdays deal and amazing packages for spenders. Vaudeville Club is one of the best choice to arrange a birthday party.

    Please have a look at our Birthdays Packages deals. What we think? Well, simply the best place where to party in the Capital.

    Vaudeville Club is exactly what is missing in London. A club where people come to enjoy the music and party. Entering is smooth. Guests get in without ridiculous queue and being subjected of a massive door-selection.

    The club is for who loves partying and has money to spend. The crowd standard will be high. Dress code is essential. Gents, dress-up with your best shoes, blazer and shirt.

    Trainers or T-shirt wont be allowed. Our door-staff will make sure our guests follow the dress code. He found success playing "homespun" type characters and eventually he moved into film, creating the San Antonio Pictures Corporation.

    Arbuckle was a portly comic actor who was mentored by vaudeville veteran, Leon Errol. After leaving the stage, Arbuckle became a well-known comedian in silent films, eventually partnering with Buster Keaton.

    His career was destroyed by accusations that he murdered a young actress. Following two trials ending in hung juries and a final trial that acquitted him, Arbuckle's career was ruined.

    He would not return to motion pictures until Pianist, musician and composer. Mexican-American singer and actress discovered while performing with her sister, Dolores, in Los Angeles.

    Actress from the legitimate stage who appeared at the Palace in May in a sketch called Liberty Aflame. As well as working onstage, Arthur made 10 silent films from to Adele and Fred Astaire.

    The duo first appeared in vaudeville in , but as Fred was underage, the duo did not return until , when they toured many vaudeville circuits.

    Comedian known for his portrayals of comic, stuttering characters. Ates later appeared in films. Tap dancer in a noted dance act with Charles "Honi" Coles.

    Later Atkins became a choreographer for Motown. An actor, Atwill toured with Lillie Langtry as her leading man in the play, Ashes during Following his stage career, Atwill worked in Hollywood, appearing in many horror films during the s and s.

    His career was cut short by a scandal involving an orgy at his home where a young woman was raped. Singer and songwriter who first appeared in vaudeville in the early s.

    He performed as one of the first "crooners. Broadway actor who, following a season in vaudeville went to Hollywood where he became a director with Warner Bros.

    Singer and actress who followed vaudeville with a career onstage, on film and on TV. Baker first ventured onstage with the encouragement of actor, Jacob Adler and later, producer, Lew Leslie.

    Her debut in vaudeville was in Scranton, Pennsylvania at the age of 15 and she debuted in big-time vaudeville at Hammerstein's Theatre in New York in As a singer and actress, she established her name in vaudeville as "The Ragtime Singer.

    Following that she left the US to become a dancer and singer in the cabarets and nightclubs of Paris. Pianist, accordionist and comedian who began in a double act with Ben Bernie on violin.

    Originally a serious musical act, over time it developed comic elements. Following their split, both comedians became successful in their own right.

    Baker headlined at the Palace in and He later enjoyed a career on Broadway in musicals and later radio. Balasis family acrobatic act. Acrobats performing in vaudeville, variety shows and circuses in Europe, US, and Canada from c.

    Accompanist, singer and songwriter known for writing sentimental ballads, usually with Irish themes such as " When Irish Eyes Are Smiling.

    After seeing an aerialist in a circus, Vander Clyde or Van der Clyde his real name desired to become one.

    He responded to an ad in Billboard for the Alfaretta Sisters, an aerial act, who were looking for a replacement member. He began dressing as a female on their encouragement and continued to do so after leaving the act.

    In , he traveled to Britain and then Paris, where he became the talk of the town. He toured Europe and returned to the US to continue in vaudeville.

    Following his stage career, Barbette continued to work with performers for various circuses. Actor and minstrel. Appeared at the age of 9 with the minstrel troupe of Barlow, Wilson, Primrose and West.

    Later he became a film actor. The Barrison Sisters. Actress who appeared in "tab" versions of her hits in the legitimate theatre as well as one-act plays.

    Barrymore's debut in vaudeville was in the one-act play, Civilization by Richard Harding Davis at the Palace Theatre the week of April 28, He also toured in The Still Voice in Actor on the "legitimate stage", Barrymore made his vaudeville debut in a one-act version of Augustus Thomas' play, A Man of the World , and headlined many other sketches.

    Barton later became a noted popular music singer. James Barton. Comic dancer who made his stage debut at the age of 2. Barton appeared in vaudeville at the age of 4, working steadily in stock and repertory theatre as well.

    His New York stage debut was in The Passing Show of and from there on he appeared in many musicals during the s, appearing in vaudeville between roles.

    Diminutive, juvenile actor, Barty originally appeared in film. He appeared in vaudeville with his sisters in an act called "Billy Barty and His Sisters", where he played the drums and did impressions.

    Later, Barty founded two service organizations for people with dwarfism. Pianist, bandleader and composer. Before the age of 20, Basie was touring on the Keith circuit and later, the Columbia Burlesque and T.

    Additionally, she would play vaudeville houses in between engagements. Bates debuted in with Augustin Daly 's company later working with David Belasco.

    Singer and comedian who toured with her husband, Jack Norworth from to Actress with her husband, Francis X. Bayne and Bushman, following successful careers in silent films, appeared at the Palace in a comedy sketch, Poor Rich Man.

    The couple toured vaudeville throughout the s. Unable to revive her film career in the late s, following her divorce from Bushman, Bayne worked the rest of her life onstage.

    Violin and steel lap guitar player. Beauchamp developed the first commercially available electric guitar.

    Known for his Italian characters. Beban began playing French characters but once he began working in film, he played Italian characters.

    His initial act involved recitation of a poem called, "Mia Rosa. Beban signed with silent film director and producer, Thomas Ince , after his work in vaudeville and appeared in a number of films including a version of The Sign of the Rose called The Alien.

    Comic actor, Bell began his stagework as a singer, but eventually made his mark as a comedian. Bell was the leading comic in Lillian Russell 's company and spent much of his later life in plays and vaudeville.

    Guitarist and banjo player with a number of bands, Benjamin would become a major songwriter following his work in vaude.

    Built and performed with marionettes, later did voice impressions with Le Roy Brothers Marionettes. Trapeze artist and later silent film actress, Bennett, following a career in vaudeville, entered film in and worked through the end of the age of silent films.

    Comedian and actor, known for his comedic violin playing a leftover from his stage routine and for constantly presenting the idea that he is 39 years young.

    Comedian and actor known for playing Sidney Spritzer, the wise-cracking heckler of fellow vaudevillian Milton Berle , and for being a frequent guest on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.

    Comedian and actor, later known as "Mr. Musician and songwriter. Actor, "Dutch" comedian and monologist known for his German characterizations.

    In , Bernard toured the British music hall circuit later appearing at the Palace in January and March Violinist and comedian.

    Had an act with Phil Baker. Besser first began in show business as a song plugger and magician's assistant.

    He worked his way up to being a comedian and headlined with acts such as Olsen and Johnson. After appearing on radio, Besser appeared on film and was a member of the Three Stooges for two years.

    Actress of the "legit" stage, Bingham appeared in vaudeville at the Palace in July in Big Moments from Great Plays , which included excerpts from six plays.

    Bingham was discovered by a traveling actor while she was waiting tables in her father's hotel while on break from Ohio Wesleyan University. Following her Broadway debut in , Bingham was noted for her sparkling performances in comedies and melodramas.

    In addition to her performances, Bingham also managed the Bijou Theatre in New York beginning in and organized her own stock company.

    Actress and comedian who was discovered in an orphanage. Bird toured with the group for some time before creating an act with another girl called, "The King Sisters" which toured the Keith-Orpheum circuit.

    After vaudeville began to fade, Bird toured in musicals and comedies and on the nightclub circuit. She also worked in film and on television.

    Stage cartoonist billed as Komikal Kartoonist in an act with his friends Albert E. Smith the Komikal Konjuror and Ronald A. Reader who operated a magic lantern.

    She joined her parents' act at 3, leaving the act in for Broadway and later Hollywood. Dancer and actor known for his "loose-limbed, comic" dancing style.

    Best known film role is the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz. Male impersonator, Bonehill first appeared on the American vaudeville in She worked heavily in the British music hall as well as playing the principal boy in British pantomimes.

    Chanteuse and musical theatre star. She traveled to the US and began appearing on the vaudeville and the Broadway stages in The following year she toured the Orpheum circuit with Melville Ellis in tow as both accompanist and costume designer.

    From to 28, Bordoni appeared in a number of Broadway musicals but in vaudeville in her spare time.

    She appeared at the Palace in May and November and September After her retirement, she made occasional appearances on Broadway before dying while on tour in the musical, South Pacific.

    Also known as Borromeo Lou. A Filipino jazz pianist who performed at the Orpheum Circuit in the late s. He returned to the Philippines in the s where he popularized bodabil, a localized variant of vaudeville.

    Actor appearing in a sketch from the play Sea Wolf. Bosworth was already an accomplished stage actor having worked with the companies of McKee Rankin and Augustin Daly as well as with some of the leading ladies of the day.

    After contracting tuberculosis , Bosworth traveled west and became a leading man at the Belasco Theatre in Los Angeles, where he also founded the Hobart Bosworth Institute of Dramatic Arts.

    He entered silent films in and created Bosworth Incorporated in order to create feature films based on the works of Jack London.

    Actor and comedian, started in films as a child and later appeared as comic foil in numerous feature films. Baseball player who appeared with the Boston Red Sox Quartette in She appeared in a double act with Lester Allen.

    Elizabeth Brice. When she performed in vaudeville with Charles King they were known as Brice and King.

    Comedian and singer known for comedic songs, except for " My Man ", and her portrayal of bratty Baby Snooks. Starred in a vaudeville skit by George Kelly entitled Mrs.

    Wellington's Surprise. After beginning as a comedian in vaudeville, Brockman worked in musicals before settling in Hollywood as a songwriter.

    Singer-comedian who made her stage debut in the chorus of the Ziegfeld Follies of After becoming a comedian, she developed a caustic, wisecracking style and appeared in both musical comedies and vaudeville.

    Later Broderick worked in Hollywood. Singer, pianist and songwriter. Many of Brooks' songs were composed for vaudeville singer, Sophie Tucker and among them, the song, "Some of These Days", which became one of Tucker's best known songs.

    Her recording of this song was selected in to be added to the National Recording Registry , ensuring its preservation in the Library of Congress.

    Drama critic who worked as a monologuist in vaudeville and appearing at the Palace. Broun began working for the New York Tribune in and went to serve as the drama critic for the New York World from to and also as the drama editor for Vanity Fair.

    Joe E. Brown was accompanist to performer, Alice Doll, and toured with her on the Orpheum Circuit. Certainly one of his best known songs is " Singin' in the Rain ", which he wrote with lyricist, Arthur Freed.

    Trombonist and leader of Tom Brown's Band from Dixieland. Also put together the vaudeville band, the "Five Rubes" which disbanded shortly thereafter.

    Female impersonator with a brief career; headlined at the Palace in Former baseball player who was in a quartet with 3 other baseball players around Actress, known best for her marriage at the age of 16 to Edward Browning, a year-old real estate mogul.

    Shortly after their marriage, Peaches filed for divorce and her fame lead her to appear in vaudeville. Later a Hollywood director who directed Dracula and Freaks.

    Trio of singing sisters consisting of Dagmar Brock, born Josephine and later called Bobbe — May 2, , Kathleen, later known as Patricia June 14, — , and Eunice, later called Lorayne d.

    Buck and Bubbles. Neil Burgess. Later worked with Gene Autry and performed onscreen in Westerns. Their radio and television shows proved their enduring popularity, thanks in part to Gracie's scatterbrained publicity stunts.

    Actor, comedian and singer mostly in Yiddish vaudeville with his family. Burstein, his kids and his wife, Lillian Lux are profiled in the documentary, The Komediant.

    Actress and comedian who found success in American vaudeville and later appeared in a number of Laurel and Hardy films. Actor who toured with his wife, actress Beverly Bayne.

    Following his initial silent film career in Hollywood, where he had become a matinee idol , Bushman and Bayne appeared at the Palace in the comedy sketch, Poor Rich Man in and toured various circuits throughout the s.

    Bushman returned to Hollywood and continued work in film. Comic duo composed of Jodie Edwards — and his wife, Susie Hawthorne — Their act was composed of duets and comedy routines about marital troubles.

    The duo was active on the TOBA circuit. Actor, before winning an Oscar , Cagney dressed in drag for a comedy act with four other actors.

    After several other bit parts on the stage, Cagney was spotted by Al Jolson while appearing in the musical Penny Arcade and was soon signed to a Warner Bros.

    Musician and bandleader. Most famous song is " Minnie the Moocher ". Patrick Campbell. Actress from the legitimate stage who appeared in vaudeville in Expiation a Russian tragedy.

    Comedian and singer. Singer and comedian who often appeared in blackface. Comic actor who appeared in vaudeville in in A Slice of Life where he played Mr.

    Carle debuted on the New York stage in and performed primarily in musicals until when he left the stage for vaudeville.

    Comic dialectician. Later worked on Broadway and in films of the s where he was partnered with comic Wally Brown.

    Known as The Mother of the Accordion. Actress of the legitimate stage who toured vaudeville in the role of Zaza, one of her most famous roles from the play by David Belasco.

    Singing comedian who first appeared in vaudeville at Proctor's 23rd Street Theatre in New York in From onwards, she performed mostly in vaudeville.

    Juvenile actress billed as Baby Peggy. Vernon and Irene Castle. Ballroom dance team consisting of Vernon May 2, — February 15, and his wife, Irene April 17, — January 25, Introduced such dances as the foxtrot and tango to U.

    Later, he joined Haverly's Minstrels in and worked in vaudeville as a Dutch dialect comedian. He continued working in musical comedies and in , made his screen debut.

    Actor and comedian, toured the US with the Fred Karno troupe in and — before being signed by Mack Sennett the following year.

    Comedian whose act was to seemingly eat all manner of inedible objects, such as matches and paper in reality he would turn upstage and spit them into his oversized top hat.

    Comedian who worked with Joe Cook. It was known as the worst act in vaudeville and audiences often attended to hurl produce and catcalls at them.

    Frank Christian. Chung Ling Soo. Singer-comedian Ina Claire made her vaudeville debut in impersonating Harry Lauder. Her first appearance on the musical stage was in and she debuted at the Palace Theatre in She toured vaudeville on the Orpheum, Keith and Proctor circuits and appeared in the Ziegfeld Follies of and She continued on the stage in musical comedies.

    Loretta Clemens Tupper. Male impersonator billed as "The Smartest Chap in Town" who appeared in a top hat, tails and a monocle.

    Clifford's first appearance on the legitimate stage came in in the musical comedy, The Girl from Kay's. She worked in film from to returning to vaudeville in the s.

    Irish American singer whose vigorous persona and hearty performances of Irish songs made her an immensely popular figure in the heydey of the vaudeville stage.

    Actress, singer and dancer billed as "Baby Tetrazini. Comedian who was born into a showbiz family. Coca's first stagework came at the age of 11 as a dancer and she worked in nightclubs and vaudeville houses before being discovered as a comedian.

    In the s, Coca began work on television with comedian, Sid Caesar. Her work in TV spanned decades. Comedian who toured with her husband, Frank Orth.

    Their act toured the world and could be performed in 5 languages. Rosamond Johnson August 11, — November 11, Michael Coleman.

    Comedian, the voice of Goofy in Disney cartoons and was the first Bozo the Clown. Comedian and actor. The infamous Coogan Law is named after him.

    Cook first appeared onstage at the age of 14 and worked onstage in stock theatre, vaudeville and Broadway. His first film appearance was in He began incorporating comedy, props and monologues into his act and on January 2, , he played the Palace.

    Following vaudeville, Cook appeared on Broadway and was heard on the radio. Actor who toured vaudeville with his wife, Alice and Stan Laurel.

    Blues singer who toured in vaudeville from to One of the bandmembers accompanying her was Earl Palmer. Transitioned to legitimate theater in From the age of 7, Curley appeared onstage, including in vaudeville, where she was a singer and dancer.

    From to , Curley appeared in silent films. Comedian, one of the members of the popular act, "The American Four. Later, he appeared with Weber and Fields.

    Before she worked in silent films, Dana worked extensively on the legitimate stage. Her first foray into vaudeville was in a playlet called There Goes the Bride which received bad reviews.

    She tried her hand at vaudeville again with a sketch by Anita Loos called, The Inkwell , supported by Edward Arnold which did much better.

    October 13, — March 11, A Boogie-woogie and Piano Blues player as well as Vaudeville entertainer. Davenport's first fame came as accompanist to blues musicians Dora Carr and Ivy Smith.

    Actress and comedian. Davies appeared as a 'comic' chorine in vaudeville as well as the Ziegfeld Follies of Dancer and singer, performed with his father and uncle as "The Will Maston Trio".

    As an adult, he became one of the most celebrated entertainers of his time and a member of the infamous Rat Pack with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

    Father of Sammy Davis, Jr. Musical comedy actress. Dazie's first appearance in vaudeville was as "Le Domino Rouge" in an act where she wore a red mask.

    After she got rid of the mask, she was billed as "Mlle. Dazie" and it was under this name that she appeared in the Ziegfeld Follies.

    She toured the Keith circuit in a ballet panotmime, L'Amour d'Artiste and headlined the Palace in in another ballet pantomime directed by Herbert Brenon.

    Actor, musician and comedic vaudeville entertainer of the s, billed as "the Wizard of the Mandolin". Female stunt boxer and first person to knock out John L.

    Male impersonator and dancer. Of the male impersonators in vaude, Doner was the best known American-born male "imp". She was the first male impersonator to play the Palace , in and she played there again in May Former major league baseball player who entered vaudeville after marrying an actress, Mabel Hite.

    Acted in a one-act play, Stealing Home and later worked as a comedian with Tom Lewis. Baseball player who appeared in vaudeville first with a singing act and a singing and talking act with Dumon's Minstrels in Philadelphia , Ziegfeld girl in the Follies of and Later, Dove appeared in films and was a mistress of Howard Hughes.

    Child actor who appeared in the Our Gang series of shorts along with several feature films. Following his film work, he appeared in vaudeville in the early s.

    Actress and comedian, who later found greater fame in movies such as Min and Bill and Dinner at Eight. Sidney Drew. Actress and singer, best known as the comic foil for the Marx Brothers , performed under the name "Daisy Dumont" before entering motion pictures.

    Violinist and conductor of vaudeville pit orchestras. As a music teacher and director of school ensembles, Dyett influenced many up-and-coming jazz, blues and rock musicians.

    Buddy and Vilma Ebsen. Husband and wife dance duo. Competitive swimmer and first woman to swim across the English Channel.

    Singer, ukulele player, minstrel, and musician. Later voiced Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio. Singer, songwriter and producer. Musician and bandleader who toured the RKO circuit beginning in , headlining at the Palace in Ellington is considered by many to be one of the founders of modern jazz music.

    Emerson began working in films in the early s. Generally performed in Spanish, well known for the fast-talking underdog character La Chata Noloesca.

    Bandleader of the ragtime "Society Orchestra" which accompanied Vernon and Irene Castle in their ballroom dance act. During this US tour, he began incorporating jazz elements into the ragtime music the band played.

    It was during this same tour that he was stabbed in the neck by one of his band members. Married vaudeville performers Evan E. Evans and Helen Hartz toured the circuit until The family toured from George "Honey Boy" Evans.

    Club Vaudeville The most exclusive guest list & table booking service in London Video

    25.10.2020 Club Vaudeville / Lindau (HEAT WAVE Tour Diary) Club Vaudeville Leuchtende Abende sind vorprogrammiert. Denn das politische Selbstverständnis Leipzig Plagwitz Clubs hat sich seit den 80er-Jahren nicht geändert. Dabei drücken sie das Gaspedal immer voll durch. Alle Tickets behalten ihre Gültigkeit. September Sa Club Vaudeville Actor on the "legitimate stage", Barrymore made his vaudeville debut in a one-act version of Augustus Thomas' play, Straight Outta Compton Anschauen Man of the Worldand headlined many other Game Of Thrones Weiße Wanderer. The trio started touring vaudeville in the early s with the Larry Rich band. Juvenile actress Newss as Baby Peggy. Actress and singer, best known as the comic foil for the Marx Brothersperformed under the name "Daisy Dumont" before entering motion Netflix Vampire Diaries. Besser first began in show business as a song plugger and magician's assistant. Mexican-American singer Club Vaudeville actress discovered Das Erste: Mediathek performing with her sister, Dolores, in Los Angeles. Emmanuel Taylor Gordon.

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