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The Never-Ending Story of Hollywood’s Flops

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No, we are not going to talk about Harvey Weinstein and the rest of the cancer that has spread across Hollywood. Believe it or not, it’s not the only place where Hollywood fails.

However, that’s what we will be looking at today.

Pushing Female Remakes

You may be thinking why two iconic stories, Ghostbusters and Doctor Who got such a diverse reaction. However, there was some backlash after the announcement of the 13th doctor but the negatives never were as prominent.

Which was not the case with Ghostbusters. For example, even with the beloved Kate McKinnon and Kristen Wiig, it became the most hated TV ever made.

This, or the success of the Wonder Woman only proves that the market is not against female cast which was the flop blamed on. The actresses in the Ghostbusters are great. On the other hand, the writing was horrible.

Remakes from the East

How many Asian movies have Hollywood has wrecked? In the past few years you probably could count over a dozen. For example, they took a legendary Manga story of Death Note and turned into a washed up piece of filth by removing the complexity of the relationship between the two main characters– Light and detective L.

Or Ghost in The Shell, starring Scarlett Johansson. At this point it’s surprising that ‘to Hollywood a movie’ is not yet an expression used to describe how a Hollywood producer can take a pearl from another culture and turn it into manure.

What’s After Superheroes?

There is got to be a line somewhere. Therefore, there won’t be 15 editions of Fast and Furious, it will stop at some point. And the same goes to superhero movies. Some say it is the Golden Age for superheroes.

However, the fact that the studio released a 23-part movie extravaganza, from the first Iron Man to all leading to the avengers is ridiculous. South Park knows it and you probably know it too. So, what will come after the superheroes?




Furthermore, if you look at how things have progressed to this point, you are probably not surprised one bit. We are not saying there are no good movies anymore. Far from it.

But let’s just say that most of the movies that you paid to see this year Hollywood has made a thousand times before. It’s like you would get 50 spins for free and each spin you would wonder what happens next.

Therefore, you paid for it!

That’s right. You get what you deserve. In politics as well as from Hollywood. Look, how did emoji quadruple its earnings versus it’s $50 million budget? Is Sir Patrick Stewart as poop emoji enough to see one of the worst movies ever made?

If I was Hollywood, I see no reason to change. Moreover, if I know that whatever comes out of me is good enough, why even bother? Therefore, never forget that you have the power to vote with your wallet and force Hollywood to change.

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