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The Movie That Completely Changed My Life


Do you have a movie that completely changed your life? Do you have a movie that touched you? I remember when I watched a movie that changed my view of life for the first time. There were others but this particular one did. The movie is called “The Virgin Suicides”. It’s an American drama movie directed by Sofia Coppola. The first time I watched it, my eyes were glued to the screen. The story is captivating and very artistic.

Discussion of “The Virgin Suicides”


It captures the life of adolescents in an interesting way. It opens one’s mind to the emotional turmoil that comes with being a teenager. It shows one how the life of a teenager can be quite mixed up. New desires, new feelings, and new beliefs are some of the things that come into your life as a teenager and at that particular time, you don’t know how to deal with all those feelings and changes in your life.

Its plot summary is about a group of boys who live in Michigan in the mid-1970s.They are engrossed with memories of the five Lisbon sisters who are aged between 13 and 17 whom they can’t get in touch with because of their overprotective parents. During summer, Cecilia, the youngest sister jumps from her bedroom window and dies.

At the beginning of the school year, Lux forms a romance with the schools’heartthrob, Trip. One night, the four sisters go to a party and later, Mrs. Lisbon, their mother punishes them for going out of school. Lux rebels and continues with her romance on the roof during the nights. After several nights of, confinement, one particular night the girls leave a note for the boys. When the boys arrive that night, they find Lux alone in the room smoking a cigarette. She invites the boys inside to wait for her sisters while she goes to start the car.

virgin suicides

When a noise comes from the basement, the boys get curious and go to check. They discover Bennie’s body hanging from the ceiling rafters. They rush back upstairs horrified only to find Mary’s body lying in the kitchen. The boys came to a realization that the girls had killed themselves. Mary died by putting her head in the gas oven, Therese overdosed on sleeping pills while Lux left the car engine running thus died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Later, Mr. and Mrs.Lisbon left the neighborhood devastated by the deaths of their daughters. The neighbors didn’t get to know what made the girls kill themselves. The movie gives mixed emotions. You learn of the struggles and hurdles that teenagers go through in their lives which make them make certain decisions in their lives. These decisions may be positive ones or negative but most are usually negative. The movie left me asking myself.” was that real?”