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Is Hollywood really as bad as they paint it?

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In a society so interconnected and with excessive use of the internet, information flows and everyone gives their point of view. The haters fill the net with their derogatory comments and the controversy is served. More and more news comes to us from the most famous city in the world.

In recent months networks and newspapers have echoed the events taking place in the city of the outbreaks. We started the year with the outrageous controversy of the rape scene of the movie “The Last Tango in Paris”. To make the film more realistic and humiliation was not feigned, director and actor were pampered so that a 19-year-old Maria Schneider suffered humiliation in her flesh, in a scene where she was sodomized using butter as a lubricant.

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This deplorable act put the alert in the atrocities that many directors ask their actors and actresses to the delight of the spectators. Even so, neither actor nor director has apologized or feel regret. All the big Hollywood actors have come out accusing this deplorable act, however, no action is going to be taken against these people.

Not only does not punish actions like the real rape on the big screen, this year also arose the controversy with the Oscar nomination of Cassey Affleck. This actor and director has been nominated for an Oscar, despite the fact that he is accused of having sexually harassed by two comrades. According to the complainants, he took advantage of his power in the filming of the false documentary “I’m still here” to sexually harass and mistreat them. Should the academy take measures to punish such crimes in any way? Being such a public image worldwide should it not help in the education of society?

Hollywood is also in the eye of the hurricane because of the “whitening” of its characters. This phenomenon known as “whitewashing” refers to the exchange of Latino, Asian or black characters, by a white and Anglo-Saxon.

More and more films are replacing main characters from well-known histories, which have diverse racial origins, by actors with white traits. Not only is the presence of multiculturalism reduced in the films, but the Academy does not recognize them in the big prizes.

Over the years, only fourteen black actors have won the Oscars, the biggest prize in the world of film. In recent years, black actors and directors have threatened the academy with boycotting the Oscars if they do not begin to value the work of thousands of black actors, who each year make wonderful films and make us tremble with excitement with them.

Certainly Hollywood is not all the glamor that should be expected of the city of outbreaks. Perhaps you should worry about the image you offer, and not only that, but the education you offer to your younger visionaries who absorb all the teachings of your films.