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Blackjack Live – Re-experience the Casino Classic Online

The story of blackjack. Several names a game

Blackjack is one of the card games whose rules everyone knows. Even those who usually do not enter casinos are familiar with this game. An original version of this well-known card game was created as early as the 18th century in France at the court of the Sun King Louis XIV. It quickly found a large following among the nobility in Europe and thus also reached America.
At the beginning of the 20th century, Blackjack, in its current version in the USA, became one of the standard games in the local casinos. As a result, many casinos were also created in Europe and, consequently, the range of games was also taken over. Of course, there are many reasons why blackjack found its way into the casinos.
One theory could be that the casino was originally intended only as a temple of entertainment for nobles and empire. since this game was well known, it was of course just close to this offer. But even if you ignore all sorts of theories, this game has some advantages that make it predestined for a casino game:

● The game is easy to learn and quick to explain
● In contrast to other card games, only a very limited amount of computation is required here.
● The game can easily be played with a larger number of players.
● For a few players it comes with a simple card set.
● Due to the style of play, bets can be made in the game phases – like poker

Play blackjack in the casino

Of course, you can play blackjack – or 17 and 4 – at home with friends at the living room table but those who have ever been in a real casino know that you cannot compare absolutely. Just the special atmosphere of a casino makes the game something special and raise the gaming experience to a whole new level.
The special environment and this special moment (after all, you are not always in his best suit in a casino every day) make sure that this otherwise rather simple game becomes a very special experience. In addition, you also play against other players who also share the enthusiasm for this game. So, it may well happen that you play against unknown people and then get to know them better during a conversation at the bar of the casino.

Blackjack on the PC
The one blackjack on the home PC can play is nothing new. The spread of the computer in private households of course also came first versions of casino games and thus of blackjack. Scott Carson on ‘overwhelming’ support from ‘proper’ Derby County fans following video abuse – Derby Telegraph were mostly available on diskette or later CD. However, you can hardly compare these versions in any way with the gaming experience of a casino.
The main purpose of the first digital versions of blackjack was to present the gameplay in a playable way on a computer. For this reason, early PC versions of blackjack often have, a modest graphics and a rather rudimentary kept background music. Players were put through the computer and could not necessarily be called a real challenge with the defective AI.
Even though graphics, music and AI have certainly improved over time, the main problem has remained. As a player you always had the feeling you are working on a program. It lacked the feeling of being in the middle of it and experiencing live blackjack. That changed only when the Internet began its global triumph and thus completely new possibilities

The casino at home – Blackjack live experience online

The spread of the Internet has created many online casinos. Their purpose is not only to keep the largest possible and interesting range of casino games available to visitors. Rather, the goal here is to offer visitors who are interested in casinos – and perhaps even have visited one of them – via the internet the most authentic atmosphere possible of a casino.
Many online casinos now offer impressive graphics on their websites, as well as background music and sounds that can give you the impression of a real casino visit. Of course, you can of course also play online with other online casino guests from all over the world and communicate with them through chat functions. In short, the standard in blackjack games is high in online casinos. Nevertheless, there are some operators who have not reached enough yet.
Their goal is to bring the casino atmosphere into the home living room. To bring the visitors even closer to the atmosphere of a real casino, they have come up with something new. click here offer your visitors the opportunity to experience online blackjack live. For this purpose, the visitor of the respective online casino is connected live with the dealer of a blackjack table when participating in a blackjack game through a camera.
In addition, he can connect himself by camera and can then also see his teammates at the same time and talk to them directly. The game thus takes place live while sitting in your own living room at home. Casino token at the table may come from other countries and regions brings a gaming experience as even most regular casino cannot offer.
Where can you already with sub. Sitting at a blackjack table with people from four or five different countries or regions, spending a leisurely blackjack evening and chatting? Just this new feature, which can only be found at a few online casinos so far, in my opinion, significantly improves online casinos compared to conventional casinos.
The experience of experiencing online blackjack live should, in my opinion, be done by everyone. Personally, I am enthusiastic about what I have seen and experienced so far and can therefore quite well imagine online casinos as a permanent alternative to conventional casinos

The most anticipated films of 2018

Avengers: The War of Infinity

For movie lovers, the Year of the Dog will be rich in bright events in the world of cinema. Foreign and domestic studios have announced a lot of pictures that can “blow up” the brain only from the thought that they will soon appear on the big screen. This list is quite impressive, so we tried to select the most anticipated films of 2018.

The best of the best: Top 10

avatar 2

“Avatar 2”

Country: USA

Studio: 20th Century Fox

Genre: adventure, fantasy, action, drama.

Director: James Cameron

Actors: S. Worthington, Z. Saldana, S. Weaver, D. Moore.

Release date: December 21, 2018

The winner of the first ten was the continuation of the legendary blockbuster “Avatar.” Back in 2010, in an interview with MTV Cameron told about plans for shooting 2 and 3 parts. The sequel will tell about the new trials of the people on the ‘yi, led by Jake Sully and his wife Neytiri. The main activities will be transferred from the jungle to the ocean of Pandora. Also, Grace Augustin will return to life. Her soul “migrate” from the world of dreams into the body of a new avatar.


predator 2018

Country: USA

Studio: 20th Century Fox

Genre: fiction, action.

Director: Shane Black

Actors: D. Johnson, D. Franco, O. Mann, B. Holbrooke.

Release date: February 9, 2018

Since 1987, this is already 4 fantastic action movie. This time for the creation of a new remake took American director Shane Black, known for the movie “Iron Man 3”. Still being an actor, he personally starred in the first part of the “Predator”, so expect a quality and worked up to small details fighter. The plot of the picture is known to many from the cradle. Let’s hope that the authors of the script will add a few stunning moments.

“Avengers: The War of Infinity”

Avengers: Infinity War

Country: USA

Studio: Marvel Studios

Director: Anthony and Joe Russo

Genre: fantasy, action, adventure, comics.

Premiere: 4 May 2018

Let’s say at once that the cast has absorbed a huge number of people. Only in the lead roles is removed 26 people. Why so many superheroes? Because a terrible danger is coming to Earth. The mad villain Thanos decided to collect all the artifacts, thanks to which he becomes the strongest creature in the universe. Prevent the evil monster alone – the gut of the current. Therefore, the comic book heroes decided to team up. Will they be able to save our planet, we will see after the premiere?

“Pacific Rim 2 (Pacific Rim Uprising)”

Pacific Rim Uprising

Country: USA

Studio: Legendary Pictures & Universal Pictures

Directed by: Stephen S. DeNight

Genre: Genre: Action, Fantasy.

Actors: C. Day, B. Gorman, S. Eastwood, C. Spani, D. Tien

The first night: February 23, 2018

The main surveys began in Australia in the fall of 2016. Despite the fact that the plot is kept in the strictest secrecy, the director let slip in one of the interviews. The action will unfold a few years after the events of Part 1. Egeri is intensively developing new technologies, in full confidence that the world is completely cleared of kaizu. But the latter managed to survive and prepare an attack in a new guise.

invisible man

“Invisible Man”

Country: USA

Genre: horror, fantasy, action, thriller, drama.

Actors: Johny Depp

Release Date: April 13, 2018

Many will say: “How many different screen versions of the novel by Herbert George Wells?” And indeed, since 1933 “The Invisible” has been repeatedly released on screens, including the Soviet mini-series of the mid-80’s. But who will refuse from the sensational film, in which Johnny Depp himself starred! Judging by the scope, the novelty should outstrip the special effects of Paul Verhoeven, who fell in the 72 Oscar nomination. And while there is no trailer, you can enjoy the past creation.

“Maze Runner: The Death Cure”

maze runner

Country: USA

Studio: 20th Century Fox

Directed by: Wes Ball

Genre: thriller, action, horror.

Actors: D. O’Brien, C. Skodelario, P. Clarkson and others.

Premiere: 12 January 2018

Unfortunately, the fans of the film, the director said that this is the final part of the trilogy. Initially, the premiere was scheduled for February 2017, but due to injuries during the filming of Dylan O’Brien (the main character), the franchise was moved to 18 years. As in the previous parts, a group of survivors will fight with the organization W.C.K.D to get the serum from the virus, which destroyed virtually all of humanity.

Best of the best: animated films 2018

And what list of “best of best” will do without animation. After all, not only children, but also adults when they get tired of no deposit bonuses online with great pleasure switch to watching exciting 3D. Many of the modern projects will give odds to the coolest feature films. Especially those that are presented in our review. So, we continue the Top 10 .

hotel transilvania

“Hotel Transylvania 3”

Country: USA

Studio: Sony Pictures Animation

Director: Genndy Tartakovsky

Genre: comedy, fantasy, family.

Premiere: 1 November 2018

The next part should surpass all the previous ones, since the second project, although it was funny, but against the background of the original “Monsters” was less popular. While Tartakovski keeps the story in secret, and do not need to disclose it. After all, no one doubts that Sony Pictures will once again please the viewer with a funny and interesting cartoon with high-quality rendering.

“How to Train Your Dragon 3”

how to train your dragon 3

Country: USA

Movie company: DreamWorks Animation

Director: Dean Debua

Genre: comedy, fantasy, family.

Premiere: March 1, 2019?

This cartoon film already takes a big “jackpot” from all the world’s movie sites. Not the fact that the third part will be followed by several more, because the projects are based on the motives of the English writer Cressida Cowell. In its arsenal there are 12 books of the same name, so there will still be …. It is not yet known which of these will become the basis for the film adaptation, but one can confidently say that entertainment, special effects and an exciting plot are guaranteed!

“The Incredibles 2”

the incredibles 2

Country: USA

Studio: Pixar & Walt Disney Pictures

Director: Brad Bird

Genre: comedy, action, fantasy.

Premiere: 14 June 2018

After 14 years, the new adventures of the family of superheroes return to the big screens. As has long been established among the creators of animation projects, the plot and detailed information is kept in the strictest secrecy. But still some details seeped through the veil of secrecy. The team will add another superhero to help fight the next scumbag.



Country: USA

Studio: Walt Disney Pictures

Director: Nathan Greno and Meg Lefov

Genre: comedy, adventure, fantasy, musical.

Premiere: 21 November 2018

The plot of the film takes the viewer to Spain from the time of Christopher Columbus. The main character Jack is in the land of evil giants. Trying to escape, he finds a small giantess Inma, lost in impenetrable forests. She is sweet and friendly, so fearless Jack agrees to help find the house, despite the terrible nature of her kindred.