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3 Christmas movies that you need to watch now 

Ready for the holidays

Do you already have your Christmas tree prepared for the holidays? Are you listening to Mariah Carey even while reading this post? Well, you are not alone in this! I am just like you in this case because I cannot wait for the holidays. However, there is one more thing that you can do to raise the spirit. Watch Christmas movies!

Yes, you have read that right, as it is just about time to do that. Every year on the TV you can find amazing movies which will bring back the nostalgia. You can also watch them online if you want and feel like a kid who is excited for Christmas. That is why I have created my personal list of the best movies for this season. Feel free to watch all of them! 

How the Grinch Stole Christmas 

This one is a classic. Jim Carrey is simply iconic in this movie and you cannot deny it. I feel like all of us grew up with this movie, so the idea of watching it again is so sweet. This movie shows how one person can bring back the holiday spirit even for someone who truly dislikes Christmas. The story is so motivational and inspiring that you might want to cry a little bit while watching. 

On the other hand, this movie is hysterical. The jokes are so sarcastic that you will love it even as an adult. Moreover, everyone has a problem of sometimes not knowing what to wear and then not wanting to leave the house. That scene is just so amazing. I truly hope that you will watch this movie and remember what it felt like watching this when we were younger. It is such an amazing movie, so you will not regret watching it! 

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The Nightmare Before Christmas 

Chances are that you have at least heard something about this movie. This is worth mentioning because it is perfect for both Halloween and Christmas holidays, so you can clearly watch it at least two times per year. This is the movie that is the reason why Tim Burton is so popular. It was clearly a hit among different generations, as the cartoon is full of smart jokes and sarcasm.  

This movie is perfect for getting into the holiday spirit, so why not give it a try? Your tree is ready, your cookies are baked, and you are watching a great movie, so what else do you need? Well, you can only play more Christmas casino games, which you can find here and that is it. You are completely prepared for getting gifts from Santa Claus! 

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This also must be on the list. Some say that it might even be the best Christmas movie. Will Ferrell is such a great comedian that you will not want this movie to end. Moreover, it is so beautifully made that you will feel like a young child while watching the movie. Is it the best movie? Well, you will have to watch and find out! 

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