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Shorter Driver Shaft Better

However, two of those three were nearly as good with a different length. If anything, I'm hitting it the same distance, sometimes longer. By being harder to control, a longer club can exaggerate mistakes.

You always hear people say that a shorter shaft means giving up distance for accuracy but that has not been the case for me. You can always put tape around your grip about an inch or two from the end to simulate a shorter shaft and hit some balls to see how it feels before you make the plunge. Our results showed that shorter shafts are not an automatic means for producing consistent distance. With the shorter shafts on my woods, msi ms-6382 socket a v3 drivers I now trust them completely.

The grip could be a jumbo, to allow gripping lower if needed to shorten the club. Take the length off the handle of the club. Rust kills distance, and it doesn't take long to form. These results were similar to those from club head speed but muddier. When I fit I always give customers the option of hitting a different length shaft.

All testing was done at, and with the help of, Club Champion. For many, the best training ground is the practice range, the old rock pile. Want to join this community? And be careful that an instructor doesn't try to build your swing around a part of you that isn't your strongest point. Awards, Achievements, and Accolades.

We would love to have more shots, but reality imposes limits. Don't restrict your backswing in any way. All of these for me in absolutely necessary to hit any club correctly, for me. Your email address will not be published. So should everyone use a shorter driver?

He also added some weight to the head so the swingweights, and therefore feel, were the same. For this test, we brought together five golfers with a range of swing speeds and handicaps.

It's amazing what hitting the ball with the sweet spot on the face will do for you. Knee-Height Drops Make Sense! Try to hit every tee shot that way. Notes for Juniors on Mental Game.

Are Shorter Driver Shafts More Accurate Golf Myths Unplugged

The best way to really boom the ball out there is to swing from the inside and turn it over. The purpose of Golf Myths Unplugged is to challenge the accepted wisdom of golf, but even we have blind spots. Flare Out Your Front Foot. The shaft Nippon Regio Formula B and head were the same in each test, and the swing weight was held constant.

We immediately set out to fix that and discover whether golfers are helped or harmed by longer driver shafts. Angie isn't much different from most male amateurs in that the quickest shortcut to more distance is getting a driver with more loft. One of those was revealed recently when we realized that we had never tested the concept of shorter driver shafts being more accurate.

Shorter driver shaft - Callaway Community

It's amazing how your body will respond to plain old desire. Our other testers were a mixed bag, but the differences between lengths were not substantial. Any Experience With These Clubs? Receive the best travel, real estate, and equipment news every Friday! We also looked at dispersion, and this busted the myth wide open.

If you don't embed, posts are deleted sometimes. Maintaining Certification. People have different physical assets. Now I admit I am not a long ball hitter and never will be again.

You'll compress the ball more, and the shot will bore through the wind better. Any loss in distance has been minimal, as I'm making contact with the center of the club face more consistently and I get better roll out in the short grass. The correct length can make it easier to maintain your body angles throughout the swing and as a result you may pick up distance as a result of better swing mechanics. If I had it to do over, I would've just accepted my natural ball flight that day instead of wrestling with it. Having confidence in your gear is important.

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Shorter shaft means easier to control which means hitting the center of the face more often and hitting it straighter. Powered by WordPress Popup.

Shorter driver shaft better

Well I chimed in a while back about using a shorter shaft on my driver. That's because modern drivers don't spin the ball as much, and the ball doesn't spin as much, either.

But the lesser penalty for a slice has lulled a lot of amateurs to sleep. Paste as plain text instead. Chris Kirk on Indefinite Leave from Tour.

Does a Shorter Driver Produce Better Drives

It was nice to be invited, but I thought altering my swing specifically to get more distance for that one event might wreck my game. Originally Posted by cfmgolf Everyone, I am toying with changing my driver length.