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They have lots of similar hobbies and often cook together and just Megurus so kind and easy to get along with. The next morning, Haru offers Shiki is own bed since he is still tired from the night before, but Shiki tries to accompany you to work. Were getting some Shin Megami Tensei timeline crazy up in here. How he behaved in Kakeru's route was great. Satoru is close second favorite.

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You fall in love with a character when it's not their route? At least until one of the Sequels endings but eh. However, you start to think about what the future has in store for you and Shiki.

The other demons are happy that Shiki will stay and continue to work on their team. The two of you head back to the Demon House where Shiki explains what happens to you and the other boys. Kakeru's and Shiki's were especially good and Rein's actually in this one whoa!

Especially in his own route. With cute moments like in this gif. He's more focused on having fun and out of all the guys except maybe Meguru, he's the most excited to have you around.

  1. This is not one of those thankfully.
  2. Really cute story with a nice plotline.
  3. His level of commitment to you is touching.

He's the computer guy which immediately makes him the most useful, but on top of that his actual demon ability is mind control. Both endings are very similar. Okay yeah he is, but I don't like Shiki.

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Satoru is an interesting character and he even has some funny oddity's about him. More insight to Rein instead of the melodrama incoming sadbombs. There was a bit of a panic moment in the route actually when he got drunk and nearly grabbed and destroyed you with his hand. Notify me of new posts via email. Also wheres Seiji's route bruh.

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As such he keeps a glove on it and won't touch you with that hand. Each chapter is hella short. Could you please upload the stories online? But anything past that is boring.

Buy Epilogues if you really like the guy, otherwise don't bother. However unlike others, internet dating opinions he finds you to have nothing of interest to him and simply flirts with. To which Meguru almost goes yandere over.

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Albeit without any of the angelic crap thrown in later. The reason for suck magyks is because as an angel, Haruhito became close to a human, and with his job as an angel to take to heaven to be reincarnated, failed. But he is still quite adorable and endearing.

  • Haruhito will become an angel again, and be all buddybuddy with Rein again.
  • And for the actual review section.
  • Though I do have a tumblr.
  • Epilogues aren't that interesting.
  • Um, did they change the sequel?

He slacks off to go play whatever random thing pops into his head and is the least dedicated to his job. The plot was excellent and you continue to see Satoru as the great guy he is. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. But at the same time, she shows him that fate is not set in stone. Yet humans can't become a demon or angel through magyks?

Due to this he decides to never get involved with anyone, especially women, reddit best hookup ever again. Remember how I said these two are like peanut butter and jelly? And Tsubasa is a great character otherwise? But I really did try to like it.

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Satoru is the second in command of the group tasked with retrieving your soul. Anyone else think this guy looks a lot like the twins for Pirates in Love? So far I only have his main story, and I have picked his route in a couple sub stories. But yeah that bothered me ahaha.

Megurus was very sweet too. Which led me to not enjoying his routes very well. Haruhito and Rein were partners. Rein Isaka the funny accent man!

Because of this Heaven banished him to the demon world and if he toasted ten thousand toastees he will be accepted back into heaven and become an angel again, working with his partner Rein. In the Super Happy Ending, everyone celebrates over dinner, but Sheeks leaves the table early to go to bed since he is tired. Ever since the first route I played I'd been eagerly anticipating playing his route.

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Shiki Kurobane Main Story Review

He may not inherit it with Kakeru as the heir but is still very so a rightful heir. Does that make me Satan Claus? Megurus especially was funny oh man. Okay all of them were pretty good. Yeah if you couldn't tell, vietnamese korean dating Haruhitos wasn't very enjoyable to me.

But unlike Kakeru he's not in any way going to inherit the throne and he frankly doesn't even want to. It's like the more you get attracted to someone else, the more he realizes how in love he is with you. Your uncertainty intensifies when a beautiful demon suddenly shows up at the house when you are alone and orders you to leave Shiki so that he can return to his home in the Demon Realm.

So not only do I feel like I'm dating myself in a character sense. It's short and only gives you a glance at them dating after the events of the main event. So far my favorite demon by far is Kakeru. No walkthrough because both endings are available to read after you finish reading the story once. And then the endings branch off here.

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He is but not in ways she thinks he is. It was a different flow than the others and if you played the other routes you could see the tragedy coming a mile away which made is so much better. He is a very random character. Yes, I like Shiki, and his main story was not bad.

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