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The label contains details that identify the region your machine belongs to. Troubleshooting Common Problems This section describes how to troubleshoot common problems that may occur while operating the machine. The higher the density level, the darker the printout. Message area Displays the status of this machine with a message.


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Guide to the Machine Restart the computer. For your safety and benefit, read this manual carefully before using the machine. The power cord is not The machine does not turn on. Troubleshooting Paper Feed Problems If the machine is operating but paper will not feed or paper jams occur frequently, check the condition of the machine and paper. Guide To Components Guide to Components Guide to Components This section introduces the names of the various parts on the front and rear side of the machine and outlines their functions.

When printing a document, specify the paper size and type in the printer driver so that the settings configured when paper is loaded can be used for printing. Printing Documents Basic Operation Use the printer driver to print a document from your computer. There is a label on the rear of the machine, located in the position shown below.

Appendix Specifications of the Machine This section lists the machine's specifications. The actual procedure may vary depending on the operating system you are using. Close any other applications, as they may be interfering with printing. Hold the grips of the print cartridge, and then pull it out of the machine.

Power Indicator This indicator lights up blue when the machine is turned on. Photocopied paper is blank. The print density is indicated by which segment is lit on this indicator.

What is Smart Organizing Monitor? Adjusting Image Density There are three image density levels.

Tivoli Provides the added identification of several multifunctional devices. Maintaining the Machine Hold the grips of the print cartridge, and then insert it into the machine until it stops.

Loading Paper Placing Originals This section describes the types of originals you can set and how to place them. Change any print settings if necessary.

Printer scanner drivers utilities and manuals sp 100su

Appendix Moving and Transporting the Printer This section provides cautions that you must follow when moving the machine both short and long distances. Citrix Support A single, intelligent advanced driver, logitech g25 driver windows 8.1 which can be used across your fleet of multifunction and laser printers.

Loading Paper Loading Paper Loading Paper Load a stack of paper for printing in the input tray on the back of the machine. Troubleshooting Pull out the jammed paper carefully. Printing will resume automatically after the maintenance cover is closed. Guide to the Machine How to Read This Manual Introduction This manual contains detailed instructions and notes on the operation and use of this machine.

Density Screen Displays the copy density in three levels. Place the machine's location. Control Panel Contains a screen and keys for machine control. Guide to the Machine Model-Specific Information This section explains how you can identify the region your machine belongs to.

Use paper that has been stored properly. Original Scan Method Specify the method to scan originals.

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Be careful not to hold the input tray when lifting the exposure glass cover, for the tray might be damaged. Universal Print Driver Enables users to use various printing devices.

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Place the original face down on the exposure glass. Other product names used herein are for identification purposes only and might be trademarks of their respective companies. The original should be aligned to the rear left corner.

Dry wipe the exterior with a soft cloth. Canceling a Print Job You can cancel print jobs using either the machine's control panel or your computer, depending on the status of the job. If dry wiping is not sufficient, wipe with a soft, damp cloth that has been wrung out thoroughly. Maintenance Cover Lift up this cover to replace consumables or clear a paper jam. Loading Paper Fan the paper before loading it in the tray.

Power Connector Connect the power cord to the machine here. Copying Originals Basic Operation Place the original on the exposure glass.

The scanned image is dirty. Software Support Handbook. Copying Originals Canceling a Copy If copying is canceled while the machine is scanning the original, copying is canceled immediately and there is no printout. Regional dealer office locations dealer sales only. Open the maintenance cover.

Print the document using the print function in the document's native application. Sales and general inquiries.

Possible Cause Solution There is a problem with the Make sure that the machine is on a level surface. Keep this manual in a handy place for quick reference. Image area Displays the status of this machine with an icon. Repack the machine in its original packing materials when moving it a long distance. The scanned image is distorted or The original was moved during scanning.