OTi DALI compact the DALI dimmable constant current LED driver family

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Reduced decay of luminance with constant current operation. Light Engines and Modules. The lower and upper limit of that range must be chosen properly. Constant Current brochure Constant Current poster.

Schematic presentation of ripple current. Constant Current brochure.

Hence, constant voltage mode results in reduced lifetime and is not recommended. Form factor Compact Linear.

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If drivers with linear dimming are used anyway, at least a sufficiently high resolution should be ensured e. Alternatively, multi channel drivers with more than one individually current controlled output channel may be used. Production tolerances result in much more luminance deviations in constant voltage mode than in constant current operation. The Current-Luminance characteristic is much more flat at the nominal operating point.

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It has to be considered that typical drivers may shut down or even do not startup if the minimum output voltage is not reached or the maximum limit is exceeded. Output Voltage and Isolation Choosing the correct driver output voltage range and ensuring sufficient safety isolation. The Voltage-Luminance characteristic is very steep at the nominal operating point. Output Adjustable current Constant voltage Fixed current Multiple currents.

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Adjustment of different fixed output current values by choosing the correct switch combination at the driver hardware. Temperature Ageing Production tolerances Tolerances of the driver device. The output voltage range of the driver must be chosen appropriately according to the applications boundary conditions.

The operation current must only have low ripple current. Correct shape of the operation current. Decay of current and luminance with constant voltage operation. Constant current operation and series connection. Therefore, epson px660 drivers windows 7 appropriate safety margins to the limits are recommended.