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Those of you who've driven or looked at any vintage racing car's pedal boxes will understand why even people with large feet might have some trouble properly heel-toeing or depressing a clutch. Contact Martino Rosso Racing martin martinorosso. The cars are exclusively used for courtesy racing and track days.

The Ten Worst Gentleman Drivers

What you need to know about Ferrari is that they will give their seats to anybody for enough Euros. Emerson's epithet was said so quickly that the circuit cut off the first syllable of the first word he used. Each car will be driven by one driver, so there are no mandatory pit stops. This provides the participants with more time in the car and less time in the paddock, with all sessions being held from lunchtime to lunchtime. That would probably have meant that he should have given up at least driving, even if he still wanted to enter his car.


Based on the Italia, the car is stripped down to its basic chassis and then entirely built and engineered by Michelotto to meet the highest standards in performance and reliability. There are loud engine noises coming off what looks like a cast-iron bathtub on wheels. Kaufmann's buddy Michael Waltrip is no better.

What happened was he fell of his motorbike and broke his foot. If you think Maldonado was a bad driver we can thank Venezuela for, check out Milka. These vintage cars are also restricted to replacement or add-on parts from the early s at the latest. Torrential rains flood part of the circuit shortly before the Indy Lights race.

Gentlemen drivers club racing


There will be a separate Iron Cup classification and separate podiums. In we will be displaying a photo gallery of each race event. Meanwhile, the rules of the race are being announced to the spectators and riders from a lifeguard tower. If you see a businessman in a Ferrari on a track, get out of the way. Imagine doing that in a cast - it is simply unsafe.

Many body work parts can be changed instantly and on the technical side the car is equipped with numerous devices and controls to keep the car on the track in long distance races. Money and good connections can put you in a race car. Back to the good old times. Two cars driven with the same passion.

Belgian Gentleman Drivers Club

Belgian Gentleman Drivers Club

Belgian Gentleman Drivers Club

The sand flies as the gentlemen floor the gas pedals in their vintage sportsters. Steve McQueen was awesome, but he didn't take his racing as seriously as he should, and thus doesn't deserve a place in the greatest gentlemen drivers list. The car is driven by the best race car drivers, but is also very suitable for gentlemen drivers. This Texan oil tycoon loves the sport and is supposed to be a great guy, but he was also one of the worst Indycar drivers of all times, and as you can see, genius flight 2000 driver dangerous even at low speeds. Hurricane Joaquin postponed the start date and made the racing conditions even tougher.

On top of the thrill of the race, the beach atmosphere provides plenty of fun just grilling and chilling. Driver Patrick van Glabeke. In every detail the car is built for endurance races. My new team-mate is Patrick van Glabeke.

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The engines roar and the tension on the beach rises. The power and sound are delivering a sensational experience and the Ferrari Corse Clienti hospitality is second to none.

Preserving the history and advancing the future of road racing

Belgian Gentleman Drivers Club

This new Series will provide gentleman racers with the opportunity to fight against their peers for race wins. Motel after motel lines the four miles stretch called Atlantic Avenue. Our motto is having fun on and outside the track and share our passion for motorsport and Ferrari.