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Drinking Hanging Out In Love. The things I didn't say lyrics Dr. Dennis picked up an inexpensive Japanese nylon string guitar. Billy Francis came out from behind the keyboard, gangly and slinking.

The girl finished her dance and everyone applauded loudly. In that parking lot over there, Dennis and Ray were pulled over by a cop who talked like Elmer Fudd. Hold me like you never had me lyrics Dr. Not until we hit Washington, hook up D.

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Eventually the radio went off and they sang some George Jones songs, harmonizing in mountain thirds, with a surprising depth of feeling and absolute honky-tonk funkiness. Up on the mountain lyrics Dr. The last of a dying breed lyrics Dr. Let me be your lover lyrics Dr.

Love ain't the question lyrics Dr. Billy won one of the talent contests Ray used to run and the two of them sometimes jammed with George. Temper this vision with the knowledge that for almost four years Ray was the only white singer with any number of soul bands playing the raunchiest clubs in Chicago and Mobile. My Interpretation I think Carrie is the name of his love that has passed on. The man in this song looks exhausted and perhaps given up all hopes about any future.

Dr. Hook Lyrics

Girls Can Get It lyrics Dr. Several shots and several beers later it was time to go. Queen of the Silver Dollar.

Hook had made a demo tape. In the private shop talk of the Hook band, if she stayed with you one night, you fell in love with her. Hook and the Medicine Show, Tonic for the Soul.

Sylvia's Mother lyrics Shel Silverstein feat. Electronic Folk International. Hearts like yours and mine lyrics Dr.

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You ain't got the right lyrics Dr. The instruments were on their way to New York in a van driven by roadie Robert Woolridge who had long since legally changed his name to Nine Year, for impenetrable reasons. Smitty leaned over and told me a secret.

Beware of lovers lyrics Dr. Producer-manager Ron Haffkine sat in the back seat along with Dennis and Ray. Microphones wobbled, reviews of Dennis lurched and stumbled and Ray did the sensual strut.


However, following it up proved difficult. Some folks love ham hocks And some folks love pork chops And some folks love vegetable soups. The Millionaire lyrics Dr. Half the time Dennis is onstage, he is Larry.

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The ugliest man in town lyrics Dr. He refused to do it unless Haffkine produced and Haffkine, after a visit to the Transfer Station, refused to produce unless Dr. It had started as an ordinary enough day. Let me drink from your well lyrics Dr.

Up On The Mountain lyrics

He was just about to marry that cow when he saw his sister coming up over the hill. One night George let him play bass and Dennis was an official member of the nameless band. He moved like an abuser of the drug alcohol, lurching around the stage, grabbing at the microphones, dating a tall guy and slurring his often indelicate words.

Will she save us or will she traumatize us more and more? After all those people screaming last night. We left a big tip and backed out the front door. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip.

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Get my rocks off lyrics Dr. More Like The Movies lyrics Dr. There were only a few people in the large room and one of them was a year-old man in a neat sweater and golf cap. Music sold more beer than flesh. You can't take it with you lyrics Dr.

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  • Hook had played for nearly eight months.
  • There was a television taping the next day, then it would be back to the South for more touring.
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Dr. Hook - Up On The Mountain Lyrics

The one I'm holding lyrics Dr. No Replies Log in to reply. What do you want lyrics Dr.

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Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! The Wonderful Soup Stone lyrics Dr. Knowing she's there lyrics Dr.

Song Meaning This song by Dr. The Hitlers and the Churchills and the Nixons run the world. Hey, I seen yez on television.

Thus sng gives me goose bumps. Four years older than me lyrics Dr. Devil's daughter lyrics Dr. Silverstein wrote all the songs for Dr. She appears at the next gig, tears in her eyes, a gun in her hand.

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  1. But a thing like what happened back there is good because it gives you perspective.
  2. The original drummer realized he was getting in over his head.
  3. The man taking the punches was tensed with fear of the crowd.
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