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Marine Corps Cadences

Check out these awesome military cadences posted by VetFriends Members. After over a week they finally had to call in the Engineers with metal detectors. At least that is what I did when I was jumpmaster. Cuz all I ever wanna see, Is bodies, broken bodies.

U.S. Army (Ranger) Cadence - If I Die In A Drop Zone

C Rolling Down the Strip Army Airborne Cadence
Sung out loud by soldiers you can sing them in your head

Number Two Son got it that same year, When he took a sniper round in the ear. Since most of these aircraft have a door on each side, there is a jumpmaster for each door. In fourteen hundred and ninety-two A begger bound for college Was roaming in the streets of Spain And selling hot tamales. Wake up to mortar attack Hit the ground, I'm out of the rack My sergeant rushes me off to chow But I don't eat it anyhow.

MIlitary cadences - BF2S Forums

Throw another hand grenade! One-oh-one Screaming eagles Pick up your rope and follow me I'm the air assault infantry. Poor guy is smart and mischievous, which is probably a bad combination for the military.

When I went to basic, we had some pretty tame ones. And it brought my flight together, thankyouverymuch. Much later when getting back Into shape I added them I to my running mix to help stabilize my pace.

Military Cadences

He didnt know about recuring fiberglass with sulfuric acid to make a nice concertina substitute. And they ran but only a few lines of the cadence made it into the movie. Hit the ground with American pride A bullet through a commie's eye He ought to be damn glad he died He'd hate for me to take him alive. But she was mine all mine! And I'm a hardcore puppy lover, to the extent that even talking about hurting a puppy normally will upset me.

That's all I can remember, but it was lame though. Pin my medals upon my chest. When it turns green, the jumpmaster gives the command to go, and the jumpers exit the aircraft as rapidly as possible.

They say that in the Army, the shoes are mighty fine You ask for size eleven, they give you size nine. They say that in the Army, the hours are just right Start early in the morning and work on through the night. All day long I'va had this Army cadence running through my head. Please let us know why you believe this cadence is inappropriate and we'll look into it.

Creeds and Cadences

Become a VetFriends Member. It was an August evening and not too hot. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. In nineteen sixty-five they went to Vietnam, Well, they went there to fight the Viet Cong.

There have been a few changes. Like this, best I can find. We had both just seen the remake of night of the dead and were discussing finding outselves barracaded into a lonely farmhouse. Your left, your right, your left, your right, your left, what to write your right to kill!

WKU - Western Kentucky University

Running Cadence
  1. They needed a few impromptu performances jokes, recitals, etc while some of the acts got set up on stage.
  2. And up upon the bolden scene, Stands the United States Marines.
  3. Slip to the left and slip to the right Slip on down to a firefight.
  4. Runnin through the desert with my M I'm a mean motor scooter I'm a U.
  5. So when they come home from all the battles, To show off the all their heroic medals.

Military Cadence

Stand-up, Hook-up, shuffle to the door, Jump right out and count to four. Blood, guts, sex and danger That's the life of an Airborne Ranger! It made us feel a bit better about our task until the barracks chief came running back screaming that he was going to tear us all new assholes if we didn't shut the fuck up. At VetFriends, we strive to make things as easy and convenient as possible, offering You, online dating black and white our U. Let us help you find your friends!

  • They bring back a lot of memories.
  • We are all looking forward to reading it together!
  • They say that in the Army, the pancakes are mighty fine You can try to chew them, but you're only wasting time.
  • In all fairness, we wouldn't have spent Sunday afternoons drilling if they didn't suck so hard.

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Tripler I've learned dirty, and I've shared it. Some stupid twat not in our private office was apparently evesdropping outside and got her panties in a bunch. Since there may be some level of interest in what goes on in the aircraft prior to the jump, I will share what I remember. Oh hail, Oh hail, Oh infantry Queen of battle, follow me Oh, airborne ranger's the life for me For nothing in this world is free. Email Address Please Enter a Valid email address with no spaces.

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We had a lovely discussion about boobie traps and home made explosive and antipersonnel devices. Triangled Colors on Mommas lap, Says her lil boy ain't comin back. In another thread I posted the Suffocation song lyrics, which others seemed to know as well.

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And if I die in the old drop zone, Box me up and ship me home. Around the block she pushed a baby carriage, She pushed it in the spring time in the merry month of May. That, and humor is probably your best enemy against the psychological horror horror?

Flag Cadence Please let us know why you believe this cadence is inappropriate and we'll look into it. Please Enter Your last name With no spaces before or after. They eventually realized it wasn't me. That sure sounded mighty fine, let me hear it three more times! It was great duty as we drilled every day to attend parades.

Radford University
Military Cadence

The contrast is interesting. My favorite running cadence was some old hillbilly song. But that's just funny in the context of a marching cadence. And if my main don't open wide, I've got a reserve by my side.

MIlitary cadences - BF2S Forums

Current cadets will take part in a number of marching and running cadences on a daily basis. These were double time cadences. No one could understand a damned thing I called out, and they all pretty much hated me. The other two rows stand up.

This is the line that will deploy their parachutes. In my legs, In my head, In my chest, Feeling good Super troop. Mama mama can't you see What this core has done for me They put me in a barbers chair Snip snap there goes my hair Dress right and cover down! Here we go again Same old stuff again Marching down the avenue Few more days and we'll be though I won't have to look at you So, 35 year old I'll be glad and so will you!

Inboard Personnel Stand Up! Hookin and a jabbin, rejection Slashin and a stabbin. Each jumper is to double check his static line and make sure it is properly hooked onto the anchor cable.

If he's lucky, someone will get his butt transferred to someplace where his creativity is useful, but I have a feeling he'll just get reprimanded often. Is bodies, bleeding bodies. Glory, glory what a helluva way to die. Inigo, there are some that get it, and some that don't. Most of the other privates had never heard of Warren Zevon, but I always got a kick out of it.

We could put one on a C with a couple of inches to spare on each side. One day, I pulled the joke, I pulled the plug and watched her choke, but I'd buy her anything to keep her alive, yeah! If he squirms you're not done yet! The erstwhile Ranger got read the riot act later in the morning, and that was the end of it officially but it was legend for some time.

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